Panasonic Cordless Power Tools in Sheffield

Panasonic cordless power tools are quite simply the best cordless power tools on the market.

Panasonic ey7880 Panasonic ey7450 Panasonic ey45a2 Panasonic ey75a2 Pansonic ey4550 Panasonic ey46a2

Only really known by industrial users, but once a professional has had a Panasonic they don't look back. Some of the features of Panasonic cordless equipment are:

Should you want to try a Panasonic machine, some are available for hire. Please check out www.tedbartinkerhire.co.uk

Janitorial Supplies in Sheffield

We are the number 1 janitorial supplies company in the Sheffield area, we keep in stock all janitorial supplies required including:

Paper Toilet Roll Wipes Industrial Wipes Deb Lime Wash Sweeping Brushes Industrial Hand Cleaner Bleach

Site visits are available and all supplies can be delivered direct to your door either same day or next day.

Gas in Sheffield

Tedbars stock all sizes of Butane and Propane gas in Sheffield. Whether you need gas for your BBQ, Patio Heaters, Industrial heating or Oxy/Propane Burning all gas is in stock at the Sheffield depot. In addition forklift truck gas is also in stock at Sheffield. Gas bottles and sizes stocked are:

Propane Gas Butane Gas Propane and Butane Gas

All gas can be delivered. We also stock engineering gas such as Oxygen, Argon, Nitrogen, Acetylene and Helium, plus we also stock gas consumables such as regulators, burning torches, hoses etc.

Rivet Buster and Tooling Nationwide

Tedbars are the number one supplier of Rivet Buster Punches, Chisels and spares plus Bridge Taper Reamers, TCT Rotabore Cutters and Morse Taper Drill Bits. We stock side cutting and standard cut rivet busters chisels, all our standard rivet buster chisels are 'Super' standard.

Bridge Taper Reamer Rivet Buster Chisel Rivet Buster Punch

Our bridge taper reamers and TCT rotabore cutters are tried and tested on the bridges nationwide.

TCT Rotabore Cutter